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  • Robert B Bonow Northwestern University, Chicago
  • Iacopo Olivotto
  • Magdi H Yacoub Imperial College, London


In this issue of the Journal we introduce three additional new features. The first relates to inclusion of engineering and materials science articles, which is felt to be a growing area with relevance to cardiology. The second is important registries detailing regional variations in cardiac conditions and their treatment. This we believe is complementary to the section ‘Lessons from the trials’. In this issue, the registries from the Gulf region are discussed by Jassim Al Suwaidi.

The third new feature is the use of animal models in cardiovascular research. We launch this feature in this issue with an in-depth analysis, by Thomas Brand and his colleagues, of the rapidly-expanding use of the zebrafish for this purpose. We believe this will be of interest, not only to researchers, but also to clinicians.

The trials that we highlight in the current issue include three recent early studies of cardiac-derived stem cells in humans. These trials in particular have stimulated considerable interest and controversy. We look forward to publishing review articles, clinical trials, as well as original research articles on regenerative therapies and stem cell biology.

The journal continues to evolve and we welcome any comments from our readers regarding the topics presented in this journal.