HbA1c and FIB-4 as serologic markers for the risk of progression of stage A heart failure

William Grigg, Faisal Mahfooz, Dharmista Chaudhary, Isain Zapata, Douglas Duffee


The use of glycosylated hemoglobin as a diabetic glycemic control and cardiovascular risk marker is well documented. It has also been suggested as a marker for early diastolic hemodynamic changes leading to clinical heart failure, but is less well characterized. This study explored the association between elevated glycosylated hemoglobin and liver Fibrosis-4 values and worsening measures of diastolic cardiac function in order to assess their potential as early serologic markers in cardiovascular disease prevention.

A retrospective cohort analysis was conducted in 102 patients presenting to the Parkview Medical Center health system who had received a full resting echo characterized by normal systolic ejection fraction and clinical risk factors associated with stage A heart failure in conjunction with glycosylated hemoglobin and Fibrosis-4 scores within a 3-month time window. Using regression analysis, measures of diastolic cardiac function were assessed in conjunction with rising glycosylated hemoglobin levels characterized as <6.5 and > 6.5 and Fibrosis-4 scores after controlling for the presence of hypertension, coronary artery disease and valvular heart disease. Glycosylated hemoglobin levels > 6.5 were significantly associated with a higher E/e’ ratio and closely associated with an elevated left atrial volume index both indicative of elevated left atrial pressure as a sensitive marker for diastolic cardiac dysfunction. Fibrosis-4 scores did not appear to be clinically associated with progression of diastolic dysfunction.

Thus, glycosylated hemoglobin may act as an early marker for identifying patients at increased risk for the progression of stage A heart failure. Fibrosis-4 scores do not appear to be related.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21542/gcsp.2021.25


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